These tournaments are organised for Intermediate 16+ up to senior players and are a great way to meet and play with new people and have some fun! There’s even A chance to win prizes!


Here’s how the tournament works…


  1. Monday 31st May at Elliswick Lawn Tennis Club
  2. 10am start – 1.00pm finish
  3. £3.00 entry fee
  4. Cold Lunch included (with tea/coffee/squash).
  5. A minimum of 16 players are needed (maximum 24). It’s first come first served (Pardon the pun!)
  6. Mixed Doubles
  7. You play 4 rubbers. 9 games per rubber
  8. Single point deuce. Receiving team chooses which player receives the deuce serve
  9. Each player is awarded a point for every game won
  10. After each rubber, everyone plays with a different partner
  11. When all games are concluded, the points are added up to find 1st, 2nd and 3rd place


The way that players move after a match is as follows:


  1. The tournament will be played on 4 or 5 courts numbered as follows (1,2,3,4) or (1,2,3,4,5)
  2. A winning male player moves down (So, if he wins on 3 his next match is on 2)
  3. A winning female player moves up (So, if she wins on 3 her next match is on 4)
  4. Losing males and females stay where they are but split for the next match


Sound confusing! Don’t worry. Jem will be in charge of the pairings so all you need to worry about is enjoying your tennis and having fun!


If you would like to enter this tournament, please let Jem know by Monday 26th April by emailing him at [email protected]


The £3.00 entrance fee can be paid on the day, alternatively you can make a transfer to:

Mr J R Collier-Garrity

Account No. 00168888

Sort Code. 110880


Looking forward to a great summer of tennis. Thank you!