ELTC Covid-19 Update – 17/07/21

Dear Members,

The Prime Minister confirmed on Monday 12th July that the move to Step 4 of the Government roadmap will indeed happen on 19th July.

But he also said that Covid is here to stay and we must all learn to live with it. Thus the Government, though proceeding to open up society, has urged a cautious approach to Step 4. In this spirit, we ask all members to continue to act prudently in order to minimise Covid risks to themselves and others.

The LTA plans to issue updated guidance, but we do not know exactly when. Their latest statement on July 13th was: “UPDATE: The move to Step 4 on 19 July will see the removal of a large number of restrictions, with no set restrictions on how many people can take part in sport and physical activity. Ahead of that, and once the Government has published the relevant information, the LTA’s detailed guidance currently in place for venues, coaches, officials and players will be replaced with simple overarching guidance of key considerations, together with an accompanying set of FAQs. This will include answers to any questions relating to Test and Trace, the NHS Covid Pass, social distancing and face coverings.”

What this means for us at Elliswick LTC, for now:

  • Our social agenda will now proceed, with the first event being the wine tasting on the 24th.
  • Club nights will revert to the traditional mix-in format instead of fixed fours
  • Junior Nights will recommence in September
  • Court furniture, ie benches, score poles and net winders, will be put back on court
  • Prudent behaviour at the club should consist of:
  • A high standard of hygiene (hand-washing, surface cleaning, etc)
  • A respect for others’ cautious approaches, for example ongoing social distancing or mask wearing. Please do not assume, for example, that other members will return to shaking hands after tennis games or matches.

As regards the forthcoming social events on the 24th and 31st, we ask all those attending to wear masks while moving around in the clubhouse. When seated at your table, you may remove your mask. We will keep all the doors open to promote ventilation.

So let us enjoy our enhanced freedom but temper it with a cautious respect for the ongoing menace of Covid-19.

I look forward to seeing you all at the club.

Best regards

Eric Rovick

Chairman, ELTC