February Bacon rolls on Saturday Mornings June 6th Dinner Dance
March 14th Jazz Evening June 11th Supper Night
March 30th Club in-house Tournament to begins July 4th Finals Day
March 31st Men’s Night begins July 5th Finals Day (Reserve Date)
April 1st Ladies Night begins July 9th Supper Night
April 2nd Club Night Mix-In begins August 31st Bank Holiday Tournament
April 23rd Supper Night begins September 10th Last Supper Evening
April 24th Junior Night begins September 13th Junior Tournament
April 25th Open Day/New members Day September 18th MacMillan Coffee Morning
May 8th Bank Holiday Tournament September 19th Wine Tasting Evening
May 9th Family Fun Day September 20th Junior Tournament (Reserve Date)
May 13th Ladies Wednesday prosecco evening October 17th Quiz Night
May 21st Supper Night November 14th Comedy Night
May 25th Bank Holiday Tournament November 21st AGM