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All court bookings must be made online using your LTA user id at

Bookings can also made via the Booker App for phones and tablets.

Information on how to do both of these can be found on the Clubspark Support page at

ELTC web page also contains the Court Booking Policy, which all members must abide by.

Elliswick LTC Court Booking Policy

  • Full paying adult members and intermediate members (age 16 to 21) can only book one court, multiple court bookings by one member is not allowed.
  • Court bookings are not to exceed 90 minutes for doubles (3 sessions) and 60 minutes for singles (2 sessions)
    Court bookings can only be made for games of singles and doubles.
    Members can continue to play if the court is not booked.
  • If the court is no longer needed members should always cancel court bookings in advance so other members can book the court.
  • When other members arrive to use a booked court those playing should vacate the court at the end of the game.
  • From 29th March 2022 onward, a court will be released for members to book to play their TOURNAMENT matches on the following nights: Tuesday Men’s Night (Court 6), Wednesday Ladies Night (Court 7) and Thursday Social Night (Court 6).
  • Adults have priority over Juniors on all courts except for the Junior Court 5.
  • Note: Juniors have priority on courts from 15:30pm until 18:00pm Mon-Fri, if not used for coaching.  Also, juniors have priority on Court 5 except during:
    • adult mix-in sessions
    • between 08:00-12:00 on Saturday
    • 10:00-12:00 Sundays; and
    • when used for coaching
  • Matches sometimes overrun therefore have priority over social play.
  • Courts at various times will be block booked for coaching, matches and social mix in and are not available for on line booking.
  • Failure to follow the booking policy may result in court bookings having to be amended or cancelled by the committee. Continued abuse of the policy will result in withdrawal of members booking facility.

All members are respectfully asked to observe the following etiquette rules and ensure their guests do as well:


 All players, members and visitors, play at their own risk. It is each
player’s responsibility to assess whether it is safe to go on court and to
take care on and around the grounds (for example, in inclement or icy
 All players should be well-behaved and courteous at the Club.

 Always wear your current shoe tag.
 Wear recognised tennis clothing and shoes and a top at all times. Trainers
and other heavily ridged footwear should not be worn as they will damage
the court. That said, tennis shoes should have adequate tread to avoid
slips on court.

 Parents must ensure that their children abide by these etiquette rules as
well as the rules of tennis. This includes dress and behaviour on and off
 Parents should set a good example by recognising fair play and applauding
the good performances of all juniors.

 Players must abide by the LTA Code of Conduct (posted in the clubhouse),
particularly during matches and tournaments:–volunteer/documents/organiser–
 Players must follow the rules of tennis. When in doubt, please consult the
International Tennis Federation rules:
 Members playing with visitors must sign them in to the visitors book by
the club entrance and pay the visitor fee in cash or by bank transfer.
 Refrain from foul or abusive language. Do not let the frustrations of the
game make you an unpleasant person to play with
 Turn mobile phones off. Do not delay play by consulting any electronic
 Respect others playing on nearby courts as well as your opponent(s). Keep
your voice down and confined to your court as much as possible.
 Do not criticise or coach other players on your court.
 Make line calls clearly and promptly (on your side only) and give your
opponent(s) the benefit of the doubt if you are unsure. If it isn’t clearly
OUT it is IN. If both sides agree, then it can be appropriate to replay
the point.
 Only 4 balls are allowed per court. Keep track of your tennis balls
 If you hit a ball out of the playing areas (except in an adjoining garden)
make every effort to retrieve it
 Collect up 4 balls after each set and place in tin for the next set – if last
on court bring balls into Clubhouse
 In arranged tennis, always finish by the allotted time unless there is
nobody waiting
 When leaving the court, make sure to take all items with you: all balls
(whether you brought them on court or not), ball trays, ball tins, rubbish
and personal items
 If last off court, always slacken the net and close the gate.

 Do not walk behind or alongside the court if play is in progress – wait until
the point is over and then walk by quickly. If a match is in progress, avoid
all courts being used for match play.

 Please leave the clubhouse as you would expect to find it, especially the
tables, kitchen, tea room, and toilets. It is everyone’s responsibility to
tidy the clubhouse after each use.
 If you use the tea and coffee facilities please make sure to wash up
afterwards and, if applicable, pay for visitors (there is a money tin in the
kitchen or tea room for this purpose)
 Tins of new balls are left out in the clubhouse for specific purposes only
and labelled as such. Do not take them for general play
 Do not attempt to open or shut the clubhouse partition unless you have
been trained to do so by a club official
 Refrain from smoking or vaping on (or near) the courts and in the
 If you are the last to leave, turn off the lights and close the outside


After setting up account email [email protected] to activate the account

The ELTC Committee