Book a Court

Elliswick LTC Court Booking Policy

  • Adult members can only book one court, multiple court bookings by one member is not allowed.
  • Court bookings are not to exceed 90 minutes for doubles (3 sessions) and 60 minutes for singles (2 sessions)
    Court bookings can only be made for games of singles and doubles.
    Members can continue to play if the court is not booked.
  • If the court is no longer needed members should always cancel court bookings in advance so other members can book the court.
  • When other members arrive to use a booked court those playing should vacate the court at the end of the game.
  • From May 2018 onward, a court will be released for members to book to play their TOURNAMENT matches on the following nights: Tuesday Men’s Night (Court 6), Wednesday Ladies Night (Court 7) and Thursday Social Night (Court 6).
  • Adults have priority over Juniors on all courts except for the Junior Court 5.
  • Note: Juniors have priority on courts from 15:30pm until 18:00pm Mon-Fri, if not used for coaching.  Also, juniors have priority on Court 5 except during:
    • adult mix-in sessions
    • between 08:00-12:00 on Saturday
    • 10:00-12:00 Sundays; and
    • when used for coaching
  • Matches sometimes overrun therefore have priority over social play.
  • Courts at various times will be block booked for coaching, matches and social mix in and are not available for on line booking.
  • Failure to follow the booking policy may result in court bookings having to be amended or cancelled by the committee. Continued abuse of the policy will result in withdrawal of members booking facility.