ELTC COVID-19 UPDATE – 23/09/2020

Dear Members Following the Government's issuance of new Covid rules, the LTA today has issued updated guidance for players, venues and coaches. The detailed guidance is available on the following link: LTA Updated Guidance LINK It is clear that there is a tightening of restrictions (and penalties for violating the ... More

ELTC Covid-19 Update – 11/09/20

Dear Members Following recent LTA updated guidance (PDFs attached to this email), we want to remind you of a few important things: It is important that we comply with the Government's strategy to Test and Trace the spread of the virus. We will rely on the Clubspark system and the records of all members who organise ... More

Elliswick LTC Newsletter – August 2020

Dear Members, Welcome to our August Newsletter. We hope that this newsletter finds you and your family well and that you all are enjoying the remainder of the summer. Up-dated COVID-19 Guidelines The LTA has recently updated its guidelines following the Government’s recent quarantine directives. If you are ... More

ELTC COVID-19 UPDATE – 21/07/2020

Dear Members Following recent LTA updated guidance, we wanted to highlight a few things: Recent relaxation of measures by the UK government have come hand in hand with efforts to track and trace the spread of the virus. In order for ELTC to comply, all those who book courts must keep a record for at least 21 days ... More

Elliswick LTC Newsletter – July 2020

Dear Members, Welcome to our July Newsletter. Now that the weather is balmy and we want to venture outside to enjoy the sunshine, there is no better way to spend an hour or so than playing tennis.  Luckily for us at our club, our courts are open and the garden is filled with some pretty amazing flowers for our ... More

ELTC COVID-19 UPDATE – 03/07/2020

Dear Members On 1st July the LTA issued updated Covid-19 guidance for venues, players and coaches. This takes into account the relaxation of the UK Government's measures as applied to England as of 4th July. We ask that all members read the attached guidance for players, and the other documents if deemed of ... More


Dear Members, Welcome to our June Newsletter. Now that the summer months are upon us, it is time to make the most of the sunny days to get fit and healthy by playing more tennis while the sun is still shining on our courts. It is great to see that the courts are in high demand at the moment. LTA update: Following the ... More


Dear Members Following the Committee Zoom meeting on Monday the 1st June 2020, we would like to update you with the following information: Junior Captain We are pleased to announce that Ken Mitchie has agreed to take on the role of Junior Captain to replace Deborah Temple.  Many thanks to Deborah for all her ... More


Dear Members Further good news! The LTA has updated its guidance to allow doubles for players from different households as well as small group coaching (up to 6 including the coach). This means that doubles play may commence as of tomorrow (Monday) morning. We are very pleased to be able to take a step closer to ... More

Elliswick LTC Newsletter – May 2020

Dear Members, Welcome to our May Newsletter. We would like to welcome you back on court and extend a very warm welcome to our new members. The courts have been quite busy since we reopened our beloved club a couple of weeks ago and it has been a real pleasure to see many of you back to enjoy the sport we love. The ... More