The Jarvis family, a name that remains very well known in Harpenden and has been behind the highly successful property development and construction company of the same name, founded the Elliswick Lawn Tennis Club in 1924. Three lawn courts were created.

  • 1st April 1939

    A County Champion

    The club steadily grew and produced several county players, before the war, including Henry Hasseldine the county champion in 1939. In the 30s members paid annual subscriptions of £3 each and the club had a fund for court improvement of ...
  • 1st April 1945

    The 2nd World War

    Tennis was suspended and no club championships were played for 9 years. After the war membership began to grow and reached 100 as juniors were admitted for the first time.
  • 1st April 1957

    The First Clubhouse and More Courts

    In an important period of development the number of courts was increased by two to five and a small timber pavilion, partly built by members, was erected although without electricity or toilets.
  • 1st April 1958

    Property Acquired

    In 1956 Jarvis had offered to sell the ground to the club for £4000. Initially members believed this was simply beyond their reach but by 1958, thanks to a grant from the government, the club succeeded in buying the property.
  • 1st April 1967

    Flushing Toilets!

    The pavilion was extended by the addition of changing rooms, which included, for the first time, flushing toilets and mains drainage. This pavilion lasted until it was demolished to make way for the construction of the current clubhouse.
  • 1st April 1985

    The End of Lawn Courts

    In the 80s the club was having major problems maintaining the four grass courts. Faced with considerable resistance, the brave decision was made to convert them to the “Astroturf” which we are still playing on today. The decision has ...
  • 1st April 1995

    Mayor Opens New Clubhouse

    While the courts were regularly being improved the old timber clubhouse began to deteriorate rapidly. In 1993 the members accepted the committee’s proposals to completely rebuild the clubhouse, which was officially opened by the Mayor ...
  • 1st April 2011

    Floodlights At Long Last

    After an epic battle with the planning authorities spanning 20 years the big “switch on” finally took place for two courts on 29th September 2011.