Elliswick LTC Newsletter – January 2022

Dear Members,

Welcome to our January Newsletter.  We have lots of fantastic news to share with you.  This month has marked a great beginning to the year at Elliswick LTC. Despite the cold, wet and snowy weather, the courts have been very busy each day with our active members keeping themselves fit and healthy, having fun and enjoying their tennis. It is great to see that the winter hasn’t dampened their spirits.  We are looking forward to a great year ahead. If you wish to read the minutes of the Board/Committee meeting, they are available in the yellow folder in the clubhouse. Your views would be gratefully received.

We are very pleased to announce that Jim McGown has been unanimously re-elected by the Committee as the Club’s President for 2022. The Chairman thanked the President for the significant contribution that he makes to the successful running of the Club.


Friday 18th February 2022: The entry sign-up sheets will be displayed in the club house

Sunday 20th March 2022: The closing date for entry

Friday 25th March: The competition draw will be published to all members

26th March 2022 and 19th June 2022: All matches are to be played

25th June 2022: Finals Day

In the case of inclement weather, finals day will be moved to 26th June 2022 so all finalists must ensure that they can play on both dates.

If you have any queries regarding the Tournament or if you are unable to make it to the clubhouse to sign up then please email [email protected].


A big THANK YOU to all those who have paid their renewal fees using our new, automated system. As we write, over 80% of fees have been paid already, with 3 days to go to the January 31st deadline for prompt payment discount.

Just to clarify, when you press the “Pay Now” button, we are immediately notified that your payment is pending. We take this as the payment date, even though the first time you use the system, it will take about a week for your payment to be processed.

The system saves us an awful lot of time we used to spend getting bank statements, printing them off, and reconciling which invoices had been paid. It also eliminates a lot of inevitable human error.

For those who prefer to pay in February, your invoices will be cancelled on Monday evening, and a new invoice without the prompt payment discount will be issued on Tuesday morning.

Another advantage has been the ability to send emails just to those who haven’t yet paid, which has saved the majority of you from keep receiving reminders about a bill you had already dealt with!

We are currently investigating other ways in which this system can help us run our admin more slickly in the future.

Our waiting list stands at a record 450, and we will start offering places to new members in February/March.

If you have any queries regarding memberships please contact our Membership Secretary, Sally Radcliffe at [email protected]


Lynn Frankling will be organising friendlies matches against other local clubs this Summer.  We are looking for lady players to participate to play in these matches. This would be ideal for any improving players who would like to start playing matches. Please contact our Ladies Captain Sue Cove at [email protected] or Lynn at [email protected] if you would like to play.


We believe that we have found a solution for the clubhouse heating which will involve some rewiring and new sensors. We have had to switch it off for the moment until the work is done, please use the wall heaters if necessary.

We are considering a completely new floodlight design to try and get planning permission. We have a quote which we are considering.

We are looking at court renovation on 1-3 at the end of this year, beginning of next. It will be put to the AGM before we commit to the expense.

We will be putting up some clothes hooks on all the courts.


We are looking for players to play in the teams, please do not hesitate to register your interest by contacting the following Captains:

MEN : Rupert Tillbrooke at [email protected]

LADIES : Sue Cove at  [email protected]

MIXED TEAM : Kate Curson at [email protected]

Ladies tennis

The Ladies winter vets matches have mixed results and there are still a number of matches to play at this stage. This summer, we have entered 4 Hot Rackets teams and we will enter 2 ladies teams in the Herts League, once we have received notification from the League Organiser.

Our Ladies Captain will send the team practice dates to the ladies who played in the teams.

Men’s Tennis

The Mens winter vets matches are still underway. There are still a number of matches to be played.

This summer, we have entered 2 Hot Rackets teams, 1 team in Herts. National League and we will enter 5 teams in the Herts League, once we have received notification from the League Organiser.

Our Mens Captain will send the team practice dates to the team players.

Mixed Team Tennis

The East Herts Winter Mixed season is well underway, with 5 teams competing for ELTC. We are now looking forward to the Summer Datchworth season. The Summer League runs on 14 Monday evenings from end April to end July.  Last year we entered 3 teams and we will enter the same number of teams this year.

Also, the Mid Herts Mixed League (historically called the mixed friendlies) starts up in late April or early May. Historically we have used a mix of senior and improving players in this league, for many it is an introduction to competitive tennis. If you wish to play in these friendly matches, please do not hesitate to contact Andree Haxton at [email protected].


If anyone has a child who would like to take the opportunity to raise funds for a special charity or challenge etc, they are most welcome to do the bacon rolls for our Saturday morning players.

We are also looking for members who are interested in cooking for our famous supper nights.  The dates are on the calendar below.  These dates can be altered to suit but obviously need to be on a Thursday evening after mix-in night.

Please make notes of the following exciting events in your social calendar for 2022:


Taster stretch class for tennis players – Tuesday 8th at 10.15-11 o’clock

Contact Sally Radcliffe to book your place: [email protected] or 07966 890992, please see details below.

Bacon rolls for Saturday mornings


Club in-house Tournament start date – 26th


Men’s Tuesday night – 29th onwards

Ladies Wednesday night – 30th onwards

Mixing-in Thursday night – 31st onwards


Junior Friday night – 22nd onwards

Ross Ellis’ band night – Saturday 23rd

New members day – Sunday 24th

Supper night – 21st


Prosecco and Oriental curry ladies evening – 11th

Men’s beer and curry evening – 17th

Supper night – 19th

Bank holiday tournament – 2nd


Tim Sutton music evening – 11th

Supper night – June 16th

Finals Day – 25th

Finals reserve day – 26th


Supper night – 15th

Junior Tournament Finals Day – 18th

Wine tasting evening – Friday 30th

Macmillan coffee morning – 24th

Junior Tournament Reserve day – 25th


Quiz night – October 15th


Jazz evening – 12th

AGM – 26th – 10:30am at the clubhouse

Please put the above dates in your diaries.  Posters with full details will be posted on the notice board near the event and will be on our website.

Any queries regarding any of the above please contact our Social Secretary, Jeanette Rickerty at: [email protected]


The date for The Junior Tournament is Sunday 18th September with reserve date of Sunday 25th September.

Our Junior Secretary, Ken Michie, will liaise entry to competition games with the Junior Captains of each age group, in conjunction with Ben Wood who allocates the teams.  We will need volunteers to help out in the kitchen on the day.

The Friday Junior Nights will recommence on the 22nd April and Ken is looking for volunteers for the Rota.  Please email Ken at [email protected],  if you are able to help with the 6-8pm shift. Thank you.

ELLISWICK LTC THEATRE TRIP – Wednesday, March 23rd at 7.30pm.

We have secured 10 special rate tickets for Lloyd Webber’s “Cinderella The Musical” at the Gillian Lynne Theatre in Drury Lane. They are Band A tickets, and we can get them for £35 each.

Please email Sally Radcliffe ([email protected]) or text 07966 890992, by Feb 7th, to book your place.

Pure Stretch Taster Class for Tennis Players! With Rachel Bravo

Tuesday, 8 th February 10.15-11 am, In Elliswick Clubhouse

Cost: £5 Bring a mat if you have one.

Contact Sally Radcliffe to book your place: [email protected] or 07966 890992

Why Pure Stretch?

Stretching is a vital part of improving your athletic ability.  Stretching improves muscle development, increases range of movement and reduces injury. Pure Stretch is a fun but effective 45 minute class designed to lengthen the entire body whilst focusing on core stability.  It will improve flexibility, develop core strength, help prevent injury and add more balance to your fitness routine.  You have to move to improve!  Perfect for everyone and anyone that needs to loosen up a little!

Kind Regards

Elliswick LTC Committee

PS, Don’t forget to keep up to date with events at our website http://www.elliswickltc.co.uk and follow our Facebook page as well.