Elliswick LTC Newsletter – October 2019

Dear Members,

Welcome to our October Newsletter.

Preparation work for the club’s AGM on Saturday 23rd November at 10.30am is well underway.  Papers for the AGM will be issued on or before the 9th November including the review of the year, accounts and details of changes to Board members.  Please do try to attend this important meeting and support your club. If you have any special business matters that you would like discussed at the AGM, please email Andree Haxton at [email protected] no later than 2nd November 2019. If you are unable to attend, please send your apology and fill out the proxy form and send it to Andree Haxton at the above email address. It is very important to the club to get as many proxy forms back as possible before the AGM so as to achieve a quorum. Refreshments (breakfast of pastries and coffee/tea) will be served from 10:00am.


If you wish to change your family membership in any way next year, or  if any members want to add or remove any children/partner from your membership, or change non-playing to playing, or intermediate to student (out of town), please let our Membership Secretary, Sally Radcliffe know by 31/12/2019 by emailing her at [email protected].


  • We have asked Harpenden Block Paving to fix the slabs around the path and entrance to the clubhouse. They have not given us a date yet but they hope to do the work before Christmas. Meanwhile please be careful when you walk over them.
  • The underfloor heating is now on in the clubhouse, it is set for overnight on off-peak mainly. Could we ask that doors and windows are kept closed during the colder months unless there is a specific reason for them to be opened. We are experimenting with the temperature setting as it is a new control system, so please bear with us.
  • The Winners boards will be updated shortly with the 2019 winners.
  • The TV signal was not working, it has now been fixed.


Ladies Tennis

Summer matches have now finished due to some late matches being played because of weather cancellations.

Hot Rackets:
Elliswick 1: came 5th in the table of 7
Elliswck 2: came 3rd in the table of 8
Elliswick 3: came top of their division
Elliswick 4: came second in their division

Elliswick 3 & 4 will be promoted next year.

Herts League:
Elliswick 1: came 2nd in the table of 7
Elliswick 2: came 3rd in the table of 6 (new team for 2019)

Thank you to all team captains and their players for their good efforts.

Winter matches have now begun with matches so far played by 40B’s, 50A and B’s and 60A’s.  Good luck ladies through the colder months.

Ladies morning: continues to run throughout the Winter months on Tuesdays from 9am.
Ladies night: no longer running until Spring 2020.

Ladies Christmas Lunch:  all lady members are invited to the ladies Christmas lunch on Tuesday 3rd December from 11.30am.  For any newcomers this is a bring and share lunch, any proceeds go to a local charity.  The sign up sheet will go on the notice board at the beginning of November.

Men’s Tennis

Herts League (3 pair format):

1st team finished 4th out of 8 teams in Division 1B so will remain in Division 1

2nd team finished 6th out of 7 teams in Division 1A and will be relegated.

3rd team finished 6th out of 7 teams in Division 3B and will be relegated.

4th team finished 3rd out of 7 teams so will remain in Division 3.

5th team finished 6th out of 7 teams in Division 4B and will be relegated.

Hot Rackets (2 pair format):
1st team finished 1st out of 8 teams in Division 2B so will be promoted.

2nd team finished 4th out of 6 teams in Division 5A so will remain in that tier. This league had been using players from the Development Squad and is encouraging the team captain to do so for the next season.

Mixed Team Tennis

The Datchworth Autumn League is well underway with teams 2 and 3 doing well, however, a number of matches have been postponed due to inclement weather. The East Herts Winter Mixed League matches start now.


  • The quiz night was a great success, thank you to our most genius Quiz Mistress, Carol Arnsby for making the evening so enjoyable.
  • Comedy evening: Saturday 16th November. Bar open at 7pm, prompt start at 8pm. Please forward your payment to the Elliswick account, stating what the payment is for (please email Andree Haxton for details at [email protected]). When payment has been paid please let Jeanette know at [email protected] so she knows numbers.
  • AGM on Saturday 23rd November 10.30am. Pastries and tea/coffee will be served from 10am.
  • Ladies Christmas Lunch: all lady members are invited to the ladies bring and share a dish Christmas lunch on Tuesday 3rd December from 11.30am.
  • Macmillan Christmas Garlands at Elliswick on Friday December 6 from 9am to 12pm. Orders are being taken now by emailing: Sarah Holmes at [email protected].
  • Dinner Dance : we are pleased to announce that the date of our next dinner dance is Saturday the 6th June 2020. Please make a note of this date in your diary.  Please contact Jeanette Rickerty at [email protected] if you would like to attend.


League Tournaments

Autumn and Winter leagues are being played.


Kind Regards

Elliswick LTC Committee

PS, Don’t forget to keep up to date with events at our website http://www.elliswickltc.co.uk