Elliswick LTC Newsletter – October 2021

Dear Members,

Welcome to our October Newsletter.

Preparation work for the club’s AGM on Saturday 20th November at 10.30am is well underway.  Papers for the AGM were issued on Friday the 29th October, including the review of the year, accounts and details of changes to Board members.  Please do try to attend this important meeting and support your club. If you have any special business matters that you would like discussed at the AGM, please email our Company Secretary, David Kendall at [email protected] no later than 13th November 2021. If you are unable to attend the AGM, please can you send your apologies and the name of your proxy to attend and vote at the meeting to  [email protected] by responding to the email sending you this Notice. To facilitate voting at the meeting, we recommend that the Chairman is appointed as your proxy.

It is very important to the club to get as many proxies as possible before the AGM so as to achieve a quorum. Refreshments (breakfast of pastries and coffee/tea) will be served from 10:00am.


We have recently experienced cases where tennis balls left out for matches have gone missing. Please do not mistake match balls for general play balls, as without new tennis balls, matches have to be forfeited. And the used balls from a match are to be used afterwards for club members to enjoy. Please put the used tennis balls back in the hallway.


If you wish to change your family membership in any way next year, or  if any members want to add or remove any children/partner from your membership, or change non-playing to playing, or intermediate to student (out of town), please let our Membership Secretary, Sally Radcliffe know by 31/12/2021 by emailing her at [email protected].


  • Our planning application for replacement fixed LED floodlights for courts 5 and 6 was rejected on the grounds of the numbers and height of the proposed fixed masts being intrusive. We are disappointed by the outcome as we thought what was being requested was reasonable and similar to other clubs’ installations. We are considering our options and are certainly not giving up.
  • The clubhouse carpets were professionally cleaned. They looked a lot better for a while at least!
  • We have been working on improving the fire safety regime of the clubhouse with the help of a local company in order to get ourselves up to standard. A testing schedule and log is now in operation.
  • Our plumber has renewed the flushes in the Ladies toilets, which had become a nuisance.
  • The overnight heating has been switched on at the club, please be mindful during cold days to try and keep the heat in where possible.


Ladies Tennis

  • With the summer leagues now ended, the winter matches for the Ladies vets are underway.  My thanks to captains Jenny Sheridan, Lynn Frankling, Anthea Doran, Susie Collins and Georgie Smith for organising your teams.  Good luck ladies.
  • Ladies mornings will continue throughout the winter months, ladies evenings will recommence next Spring.
  • Well done to all our ladies who took part in the club tournament this year.  Congratulationsto our finalists and the winners of the singles and doubles matches Maki Wanatabe-Genoud, Gaby Thornton, Kate Curson, Sue Cove and Amy Martin.  You all played so well and it was exciting to watch.
  • Ladies Christmas Lunch: all lady members are invited to the ladies Christmas lunch on Tuesday 7th December from 12pm.  For any newcomers, this is a bring-and-share lunch, £7 per person to include mulled wine, any proceeds go to a local charity.  The sign- up sheet is on the notice board, so please put your names down.


  • Thank you to everyone who took part in the Macmillan coffee morning either baking or buying cakes.  We raised over £130.
  • Last Saturday was our annual quiz night with fish and chips supper.  Our thanks go to Carol Arnsby who produced a fantastic quiz that entertained 60 people and who worked tirelessly all evening to make the evening a huge success.
  • AGM – Saturday 20th November at 10.30 am in the clubhouse.  Tea/coffee and biscuits served at 10 am.

Elliswick’s next social events for the rest of the year are as follows:

  • Comedy night on Saturday 27th November.  

The bar will be open from 7.15 pm, entertainment commencing at 8 pm.  Payment is £15 (cash) on the night.  Please put your name on the list on the notice board.  Our invoice payment for this is 12th November so all names on the list after this date will have to pay whether or not you attend. Please note no food is provided but you are welcome to bring your own snacks.

  • Ladies Christmas Lunch

All lady members are invited to the ladies bring and share a dish Christmas lunch on Tuesday 7th December from 12pm, £7 per person, any proceeds go to a local charity (The Daylight Club).  The signup sheet is on the notice board, so please put your names down.

“The Daylight Club is helping disabled adults in Harpenden and St Albans and is a friendly and informal social club for adults of working age with physical and associated disabilities, who meet twice a week in Harpenden and St Albans, to engage in a variety of interesting activities, learn new skills, reduce loneliness, enjoy days out and, most importantly, have fun! The group consists of a very mixed range of disabilities, ages and backgrounds who mutually support each other on a weekly basis at the club. We organise and run a variety of activities and workshops, which our members really enjoy, and this gives them confidence to engage with the wider community.”


League Tournaments

Autumn and Winter leagues are being played.



For those of you who enjoy reading thrillers, I’d like to let you know about the upcoming free launch of DEUCE, the new tennis-themed Kindle short story. It’s about 20 pages long and include the cover and a teaser below. Tom Kernot is a thriller writer from south-west London and this is his third self-published book on Amazon Kindle.

The Kindle short story will launch on Wednesday 10th Nov at 8am and will be free to download from then until the end of Sunday 14th Nov. When the time comes, if you go to the Amazon website and search ‘DEUCE Tom Kernot’, the book should return as the first result. If you don’t have either a Kindle or the Kindle App for smartphone / tablet, you can still download and read the story using Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader – select that option after you’ve downloaded the book and the story will open in a new tab in your browser.

The thriller stories have the usual traits you might expect to find in any bookshop thriller. For that reason, to be completely safe, the writer would only recommend the books for adults / 18+ years old. If you do read DEUCE, we hope you enjoy it! And of course, please do pass this message onto any friends and family you know who might be keen for their free copy!

DEUCE – a short story from Tom Kernot

“Widowed tennis coach Tom Stanley and his three-year-old son Oli both have reason to be excited. It is the day of the mens’ final at Wimbledon and single mum Hannah and her daughter Amy, who goes to nursery with Oli, are coming round to watch the match. Tom has won a bottle of “DEUCE – Strawberries & Seeds”, a limited edition Wimbledon flavour from his favourite juice brand. The four of them enjoy sharing it but as the tennis gets under way, to Tom’s horror, he receives an alert that the whole limited edition batch was poisoned.”


Kind Regards

Elliswick LTC Committee

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