Membership is valid until end Feb 2022


Categories of Membership

Adult Playing Member (28yrs to 64 yrs) Note 1 £221/year Non-Playing Member (Adult 21+) Note 4 £29/year
Adult Playing Member (21yrs to 27yrs) Note 1 £117/year Junior Member (8yrs to under 16yrs) Note 4 £65/year
Senior Citizen Member (65yrs and over) Note 1 £150/year Young Junior Member (5yrs to under 8yrs) Note 5 £48/year
Student  Member (18yrs and over) Note 2 £60/year Young Junior Member (Under 5) Note 6 £0/year
Intermediate Member (16yrs to under 21) Note 3 £91/year Country Member Note 7 £111/year



  1. FAMILY DISCOUNT: is available when there are at least two family members one of which must be an Adult Playing or Senior Citizen Playing Member. This discount excludes any Young Junior Member (Under 5) due to their membership being free.
  2. STUDENT MEMBER: must be aged 18 or over and in FULL-TIME, UNIVERSITY or TERTIARY education at the start of the calendar year.
  3. INTERMEDIATE MEMBER: aged 16 or over but under 21 at the start of the calendar year.  Intermediate members can participate in ‘mix-in’ sessions and Juniors may be elected to Intermediate membership subject to approval by the committee.
  4. JUNIOR MEMBER: An Adult Playing or Non-Playing Membership fee must accompany Junior Playing Membership subscriptions. Juniors automatically become Intermediates the year after turning 16 years of age.
  5. YOUNG JUNIOR MEMBER (5yr-under 8): An Adult Playing or Non-Playing Membership fee must accompany Young Junior Membership subscriptions. Young Junior Members must be accompanied at all times by a Full Playing Adult Member eg. a parent or Club Coach.
  6. YOUNG JUNIOR MEMBER (Under 5): An Adult Playing Membership Fee must accompany a Young Junior Membership (Under 5) subscription.
  7. COUNTRY MEMBER: residing at least 30 miles away from the Club
  8. PROMPT PAYMENT DISCOUNT: is available when subscription is received by the Membership Secretary before 1st February 2020.
  9. NEW MEMBERS: A one-off entrance fee of £74 per playing member (28 years and over), £37 per playing member (21 years to 27 years) or £18.50 per non-playing member, is payable in addition to the annual subscription. There is no entrance fee for Junior Members.
  10. Reduced subscriptions are available after 1 July (e-mail :Sally Radcliffe, Membership Secretary : [email protected] for further details).