ELTC COVID-19 UPDATE – 03/07/2020

Dear Members
On 1st July the LTA issued updated Covid-19 guidance for venues, players and coaches. This takes into account the relaxation of the UK Government’s measures as applied to England as of 4th July. We ask that all members read the attached guidance for players, and the other documents if deemed of interest, in order to review the updates and understand the implications for expected behaviour on and off court.
In line with the gradual relaxation of measures, there will be minor changes for our club for the time being.
  • We now have a greater ability to socialize off court, such that members will be allowed to use the seating and lawn outside the clubhouse for socializing and the consumption of food and beverages. This, of course, whilst still respecting the social distancing norm of 2 metres – please be mindful that benches and picnic benches do not accommodate many people from different households. The clubhouse and bar must remain closed at present, so members are advised to bring their own food and beverages, if desired.
  • No more buffer time is required between court/session booking slots, but all players should be considerate of others and finish play by the end of their booked slot.
Sadly we are not yet able to allow traditional club nights or mix-in sessions, so all play must continue to be in pre-arranged fixed twos, threes or fours.
Though people may now socialize out of doors in line with UK Government norms, we ask that all members continue to respect the ability of others to practice social distancing by keeping the entry path and exit area behind the clubhouse clear.
The gradual relaxation of restrictions also entails an increase in risk of coronavirus transmission. We advise that all members who use the Club’s facilities do so at their own risk.  Please stay alert!
The Committee is responsible for setting guidelines for club use in line with Government and LTA guidance, but does not have the resources or responsibility to police them. It is the collective responsibility of all members to gently remind others of our guidelines in those situations where they believe compliance is lacking.
We look forward to further easing in the coming months, in particular to a return to inter-club competitive tennis and to our traditional social agenda. For the time being, we are pleased that the courts are being heavily used by our enthusiastic members.
200701 lta-guidance-for-tennis-venues—covid-19.pdf
200701 lta-guidance-for-tennis-players—covid-19.pdf
200701 lta-guidance-for-tennis-coaches—covid-19.pdf
Best wishes
The Committee

Secretary, Elliswick LTC